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Whatsapp is now accessible on PC

You can now access Whatsapp on a PC. Though this is only possible through Chrome Browser at the moment. In a blog post, Whatsapp announced that the service simply mirrors your conversations on your devices in a browser meaning that your conversations resides on your device. This service is only available to Android & Blackberry devices. iOS users will have to wait a little longer due to Apple platform limitations.

To connect your browser to your phone follow the following steps:

  • Make sure you have updated your app to the current version on your device.
  • Navigate to https://web.whatsapp.com, in your Google Chrome browser. A screen similar to the one below will open


  • Now open Whatsapp on your device, tap on menu, then tap on Whatsapp Web


  • Next, simply scan the QR code as shown on your browser and that's it. You will see all your conversations on your browser instantly. You can even turn on desktop notifications to alert you of new messages as they arrive. 
  • Please note that your phone needs to have an active connection for the web service to work.


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