Review: Lumia 630

I have had Lumia 630 for over a month now since switching to Lumia from Android and I must say am very impressed with the device and windows phone Os in general.


The Lumia 630 comes with 4.5 inch IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 and - ClearBlack display. What I love about the display is the ability to use the phone in bright sunlight without squinting. Win. The resolution is  a modest 480 x 854 pixels (218 ppi). The screen does not have hardware keys but has software soft keys, the downside of this that there is a lot of screen real estate wasted especially at the bottom.


The camera is a 5 MP, 2592 х 1944 pixels  with autofocus. The camera does well in brightly lit areas - basically outdoors but fails indoors and night images, the absence of flash does not help matters. It can take 720p videos @ 30fps. The absence of a rear camera (read selfie camera) is a bummer but if you are not a selfie person or video chat user then you are fine. Also there is no dedicated camera button which is expected with a budget phone like this one. I noticed the phone heats up really bad when using the camera and wifi/data is on.


Lumia 630 was one of the Lumia phones to come with windows phone 8.1 out of the box and with a fairly decent Snapdragon Qualcomm 400 processor with Quad-core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A7 the phone is fast (when flipping through the windows phone interface) though with only 512MB RAM its quite sluggish especially when opening apps. Games are also playable though I could notice abit of slug in Subway Surfers although its bearable.

Battery Life

The phone comes with a 1,830mAh battery, easily accessible by taking the phone’s back off. The battery is quite decent only needing a recharge after a full days use with Wifi, 3G on. You can use the phone for 2 days if you don't use wifi or mobile data. However, with heavy data use the phone will need  a recharge  in half a day. The phone also has a battery saver mode which saves the battery by limiting screen brightness and background data.

Call Quality

The phone's call quality is quite decent though at times I get echoes but am not sure if its the phone or network quality. The phone has a rear mono speaker as standard. The internal speaker is decent but top volume its abit coarse.


The connectivity on this phone is simply basic. It has GPS, Bluetooth 4.0, FM Radio, HSPA, microUSB 2.0, but no 4G.

All in all the phone is a decent one at that price range.


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